Dan’s Story

Dan Allum is a Romany Gypsy. He grew up in a travelling family and first began working as a child to help earn a living before taking on all manner of jobs from landscape gardening to scrap metal dealing. 

Then in his teens he made a life changing decision: He taught himself to read. This led to him attending university, gaining a B.A. (Hons.) Degree and going on to become an award-winning writer, working with the BBC, ITV, the National Theatre, the Royal Court Theatre and the Royal Opera House. His work now spans theatre, TV and radio. 

Since 2003 Dan has run the Romany Theatre Company where he writes, directs and produces original plays, often with a Romany Gypsy theme. He is passionate about keeping the Romani language alive and therefore includes the language in a number of his productions. 

With his wealth of experience and compelling story, Dan began to turn heads and started his career in public speaking.  Soon he had an impressive list of clients including Microsoft, Shell, Lloyds TSB, Royal Bank of Scotland and the London University of Psychology. 

Dan believes that by using his life experiences and out-of-the-box strategies, he can help others achieve their goals, re-evaluate fixed beliefs, and find their own success and happiness.


Trust yourself and attempt the impossible…

Over two decades ago Dan wrote his first play for theatre and entered it into a local festival. Before the play even made it to stage, the adjudicator advised him to withdraw it, stating; “It is simply not good enough to be performed.”

Dan chose to ignore this advice, and he is glad he did.

It won four awards at the festival including that of Best New Play.

Writing Workshop

From this moment he realised that he could depend on himself to make informed judgements and rely on his instincts. This belief has served him well, and he has transformed himself into a respected writer, composer, and producer for theatre, radio and television.

The minute Dan started talking about his journey from a Romany childhood to working in the arts with organisations such as the BBC, Royal Court Theatre, National Theatre, Royal Opera House, ITV Studios and Left Bank Pictures (makers of The Crown), it inspired others. But he wanted to do much more. He wanted to give people practical tools and advice to help them achieve their own potential and goals. 

With this aim in mind, he identified the aspects that drove his success and formed a set of principles to guide them.

Using his creative flair, Dan has woven the principles learned in his own life’s journey and shares this in his inspirational keynote speeches. Organisations that have hired Dan include Microsoft, Shell, Lloyds TSB and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

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Recent Inspirational Clients


Even as a child I was determined to become an artist, to beat the odds and make a success of my life.

Passion is necessary to reach our goals but discipline is the key…


“There’s a brooding, bloody power in Dan Allum’s three-hander about Gypsy life, using music and ritual to hypnotic effect.”


“…These pagan trappings – of blood and earth and sorcery carry an unnerving, visceral charge onstage.”


“A vital element is Allum’s magnificent original music…”



2018 – Bus Stop wins award at Ink Drama Festival
2014 – Co-winner of Hothouse first film script programme
2011 – Atching Tan – shortlisted for the BBC’s Imison and Audio Drama awards
2004 – Film – A Gypsy’s Wish short-listed for Institute of Public Relations award
2003 – Winner of a Community Champions award for excellence
2000 – The Boy’s Grave screenplay won invite to Scottish Screen’s Opening Shots
1997 – First theatre play won 4 Awards at the Brantham Play Festival
1990 – Winner of silver and bronze medals for acting from the Lamda Arts Academy


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